Meeting Postponed

From the ToW website

Meeting Postponed

The Planning Services Public Advisory Committee scheduled for this evening (Thursday, Oct 23) HAS BEEN POSTPONED.
A new  time and date for this meeting will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

This seems to be the reasonable thing to do- to wait until the new council is sworn in. We notice nobody has commented on the Town’s website as yet. Shame really.


This story from HRM on Waterside Centre is interesting:

Council voted 9-9 on the propsal [sic]Tuesday. The tie vote meant council rejected the project.

The new council — which will be sworn in Nov. 4 — would not be permitted to vote on Waterside Centre.

Under council procedure, “only members of council present for the entire public hearing are permitted to vote.”

Is that a policy of Wolfville Council?


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