Wolfville results – commentary

Brian Sanderson has commentary on the results here.

We don’t disagree. We may have more to say after we get over the dream we had last night after we had heard the results. A loved one was running headlong toward a cliff and we were shouting stop, stop but, sadly, tragically, she didn’t hear and went over – and all the other bystanders cheered.


Novanewsnow reports on the Wolfville results:

A complicated slate slowed voting results in the university town until more than three hours after polls closed on Saturday.

Yes, she is right. It took over 3 and a half hours before results were available, and too late for CBC to embarrass Bob Stead with his extremely slim margin of victory and the deputy mayor’s defeat. Insane.

We were interested in what the turnout was.

Returning officer Lorraine Jones said the unofficial vote count was almost identical to the 2004 vote of 1,346, which was 46.85 per cent of the electorate. The advance poll, held the same day as last week’s federal vote, showed a 29 per cent increase.

We take it then, that having an advance poll really didn’t increase turnout. Now, think about this. Of say 2,500 voters (over half of whom we are told didn’t vote) only 542 voted for Bob Stead, about 22% ( i.e. over 78% didn’t vote for him) . Isn’t democracy wonderful?

Stead said he regrets the loss of deputy mayor Bob Wrye’s 20 years of expertise. Wrye will also have to give up the presidency of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities and a committee position with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities next month when he steps down from council.

This answers the question several were asking since the results came in about Wrye’s positions on these bodies.

Wrye said he plans to ask the returning officer to look into various election materials that he termed illegal from letters to brochures and posters.

We hope he also means to ask about the letter the mayor sent out on Town letterhead (and everyone presumes at taxpayer’s expense) which many felt supported his successful campaign.


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