On Saturday you probably heard the sound of aircraft flying low over the Town in the afternoon. If you were at the football game at Acadia you knew the reason. 14 Wing Greenwood members and their families were invited to attend the game and to show their appreciation 14 Wing arranged a flyover of the stadium.

It was an exciting event. The ball was parachuted down to the field before the start of the game from an Argus aircraft. Spot on too. Acadia was playing St. F.X.  The latter won 31-20.

It was rumoured that there would be protests against the military being allowed that close to our too impressionable youth but it seems to have fizzled, or the University authorities kept them at bay, as there was none we saw.

This event and the rumour of protest reminded us of a previous story involving the Town. [Elephants have long memories!] A similar event had been suggested about a year ago in conjunction with military recruitment on campus but the raging grannies and their friends didn’t like the thought of the military seducing students with employment proposals [they have such weak minds it seems] and so the town was asked to “reject any collaboration” with what the mayor called a “propaganda effort”. As a result a Councillor phoned the Acadia President and informed her of the town’s feelings [which apparently coincided with the raging grannies and their friends – although a picture of the Snowbirds is prominently displayed in Council Chambers]. This phonecall convinced President Gottlieb [according to our commenter who claims to have spoken to the President himself] not to go forward with the plans, although in the press it was said that the event was called off due to the strike at Acadia which was on at the time.

But this was the quote in the Register article then that made us laugh out loud and choke on our coffee.

CAO Roy Brideau announced the mayor’s permission is being solicited in order to stage a fly over and a helicopter exercise in Wolfville airspace Oct 27. He was unable to state who had asked for this permission when asked by Raging Granny Carolyn Campbell.

Just wondering whether anyone “asked the town’s permssion” to fly over “Wolfville airspace” this time.


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