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What a hoot it was watching the CBC/Eastlink coverage of the municipal results. With JIm Nunn educating us all on the intricacies of municipal boundaries, his rather pointed questions of his commentators such as Kim Kierens, and the rather arcane replies, we were kept amused most of the long evening. According to them lack of Town support for Acadia [really!] and affordable housing for students [ yes that’s what they said!] were the issues in Wolfville. Amazing. Makes you wonder whether anything else they said about other municipalities could be believed. They finally came to the end of the line, ran out of filler, and got fed up waiting for Wolfville results. “Wolfville didn’t send them in to us so…” was practically the last thing they said.

CBC couldn’t get them in time but if you have internet they are available on the Town website, as follows:


Unofficial results of the October 18, 2008 municipal elections for Mayor and Councillors follow:


Balcom, Garry R.    209
Cantwell, Jeff        512
Stead, Robert (Bob)    542
Townsend, George    69


Anderson, Ann    529
Drummond, Peter    467
Hughes, Eric        546
Irving, Keith        734
Laceby, Jim        650
Mangle, David         608
Oldham, Carl P.            462
Richardson, Sheila            309
Simpson, Hugh            692
Wrye, Robert                538
Zimmerman, William (Bill)        590

Following official addition on Tuesday, October 21 the final poll by poll results will be posted.

Very close shave indeed for our incumbent mayor. Congratulations to all those who offered to serve. There are no losers in our books.


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  1. I was a member of the CBC/Eastlink crew, and one of those trying to get results from Wolfville throughout the evening. We weren’t just waiting for them to “send us the results”; we were actively calling the returning officers and sending Eastlink staffers to the count to try to find out what was going on.

    Bottom line, whereas almost every jurisdiction in Nova Scotia started to post results by about 7:30 pm, Wolfville said they wouldn’t have any results until 10 pm. Our show was slated to close at 10 pm. But we extended it and extended it, primarily to get the Wolfville results in. 10 pm came and went, and still no results. Eventually we called it quits…

    Incidentally I notice the Chronicle Herald still didn’t have Wolfville results the next day. I’m not sure when the results were made available on the town website, but I believe Wolfville had the slowest count of any jurisdiction in Nova Scotia.

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  3. Yes, we noticed the absence of results in the CH too and wondered what was the problem. We find it quite incredible that it could take so long- and then not to get it right and be out on one candidate’s numbers by 160 votes, enough to affect who made it on Council … well! It does make one wonder what on earth went on that night. Perhaps the scrutineers (if there were any) will be able to enlighten us..