Competition for Ww

We want to highlight some interesting commentary on the municipal candidates forum last week, on candidates in general and on a variety of issues that we too have been concerned about. This page is linked to Brian Sanderson’s name in the comments which is how we discovered it.

So here it is, commentary by Brian Sanderson, well known to us by now from his comments here and at town hall meetings. A tiny excerpt:

Jim Laceby is owner of the Blomidon Inn and is cognisant of the high business taxes in Wolfville. Another good thing about Jim Laceby is that he resigned from the Sustainability Task Force. (Remember, it was those clowns on the Sustainability Task Force that almost caused a riot with their attempt to rezone residential properties.) Perhaps he shares my view of the sustainability task force? Or perhaps he, like me, found the baffle-gab intolerable? See a brochure for Jim Laceby here. Heck, now I’ve had the chance to hear what Jim has to say — I’m impressed. Jim is as stately as an old-Wolfville home. Jim actually made sense of “sustainability”… That comes close to walking on water!

But read the whole thing and for heaven sakes follow some of the links. They are worth it.

Not sure how Brian is promoting this site but since we LOVE competition we are happy to give it a plug here. Great reading for Wolfvillians to digest before the advance poll tomorrow and before the final vote for mayor and Council on the 18th.


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