To the residents of Wolfville

The mayor has written an open letter -dated Oct. 6th- to the residents of Wolfville. We expect every household has received one by now via our accommodating PO  . Since it is on town letterhead and is not approved by the committee to elect Bob Stead we do not think he intends this to be part of his campaign material. It must have cost the taxpayer [oh- that’s us!] something to send out [wonder which part of the budget covered that]  and some might think this letter furthers his campaign. We are not one of those.

The gist of the letter is that recent “items of correspondence have been circulated” in which “unfair” and “incorrect” accusations have been made against town staff and Council.

Because of the challenging, negative and threatening tone and nature of much of the materials which impugn the qualifications and work records of these persons and indirectly bring into disrepute the records of support staff, I feel it necessary as Mayor to respond.”

Mayor Stead goes on to say that a negative and divisive atmosphere is being created within the town because the information provided has been “at best inaccurate” or “misleading” “only half true or frankly is completely false“. The Mayor suggests that “self interest” is behind these attacks.

...there are individuals who will take freedoms and opportunities that we all enjoy and use them for self-serving purposes. They simply and cleverly disguise self interest under the umbrella of community interest.

The timing of this letter is odd. As we recall the material which we presume the Mayor is referring to- and which Mr. Stead may or may not have chucked into the recycle bin when he came across it-  was circulated some time ago.

He can’t be referring to ww. We have been blogging here for 3 years and have been critical of  town governance [Council mostly, not so much staff] but we can say in all honesty we have gained not one shred of benefit from doing so- except perhaps as an outlet for our frustration.


2 responses to “To the residents of Wolfville

  1. I didn’t get this open letter but I did get The Mayor’s Newsletter (Fall 2008). On page 2 the Mayor invites all to:

    “smell the roses”
    Surely a poor metaphor for the season? I presume the Mayor means fair-trade roses?

    “live a day without negative thoughts and challenge [to] others”
    Perhaps this explains some of the views WW quotes from the open letter? Could it be that the Mayor confuses critical analysis with negativity?

    I guess the Mayor’s final statement says it all:
    “It really doesn’t get much better than this!”
    Hmmm…. but at what cost? I remain positively critical.

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