More on elections signs

Since we have seen some sign vandalism here already in this election (as we have in past elections) this story is naturally of interest.

The executive director of the Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island is apologizing after he was caught on camera removing political signs put in place by local Conservatives.
Patrick Ross, a Conservative campaign worker, photographed Mark O’Halloran removing the lawn signs less than five hours after they were put up.
Those lawn signs read: “Say no to the Dion tax!” The signs were strategically placed below Liberal billboards throughout the capital city.

But get this! He was told to do this by elections Canada. Seems we have asked this question before. Does Elections Canada know what they are doing?

A call was made to Elections Canada and Elections Canada told them to take them down,” Kane said, in an interview.
“I haven’t seen it but I guess the ‘authorized by’ is minuscule.” …

Dana Doiron, a spokesman for Elections Canada, admits an official from Elections Canada in Ottawa did tell the Liberals to take down the sign — something that should not have happened.  He said Elections Canada has apologized.
If an illegal sign is in place, a complaint needs to be launched with the Commissioner of Elections and it is the commissioner who decides if the sign needs to be removed — not Elections Canada.
“The error was in making a judgment remotely. It’s not our business.”

According to one resident the signs were marked as authorised.

Shame, shame -How low can you get! from PEI writes: This is very low. How low can you get! I was walking to work and I looked to see you they were from and I saw it. On the bottom right hand corner.
Seems Murphy is getting scared and needs to send out his goones. I wonder how many were taken down last night?

Others confirm this.

Emily from PEI writes: Shawn Murphy refusing to apologize? Shocking!!
I have seen these carbon tax signs and the authorized by font could not be described as minuscule, it is printed along the bottom as on any other political sign. I find the comments in this story very disappointing, Liberals saying the Tories are making a mountain out of a molehill is ridiculous.

Makes you wonder whose side Elections Canada is on. We aren’t the only ones.

on the dole Bob from pei writes: wow, the independent Elections Canada tell liberals to take down sign put up by another political party. this is pretty serious. are we in Zimbabwe? it seems if the message is not favorable to the liberal cause than Canadian no longer have freedom of speech.

Lots more comments which indicate this move back fired on the LIberals big time. As one of our residents pointed out vandalising election signs is illegal. O’Halloran will probably not be charged we bet.


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