A Brison blast from the past

Just in case a few people have forgotten, or maybe never knew, here is a reminder of a time [which seems long, long ago] when Brison switched horses in mid stream. But he didn’t leave the Conservative camp empty handed, remember?

The cabinet minister who has mounted the vigorous defence of the Liberal government over Adscam is himself snared in a nasty money dispute with his old Conservative riding association that prompted a complaint to the RCMP, Sun Media has learned. For more than a year, Public Works Minister Scott Brison has been asked to provide receipts or invoices to the King-Hants Conservative riding association to account for a $4,400 cheque given to him in 2003, while he was a Tory MP.

“It’s still not properly accounted for,” said Debbie Janzen, who sat on the board of Brison’s old Progressive Conservative Party riding association.

The cheque, which Brison assistant Dale Palmeter says was used to help pay down debts from his failed bid for the PC leadership in 2003, was made out to Brison on July 31 that year.

But it wasn’t cashed until Dec. 11 – the day after he defected to Paul Martin’s Liberals.
The money was deposited into Brison’s personal bank account in Wolfville, N.S., and the contribution does not show up on the list of contributors to his campaign.

You can even see the copy of the cheque and the take a look at the handwriting on it. [We are thinking of asking for Brison’s autograph when we see him glad handing on Main Street so we can compare]

This from the local PC press release:

The fact remains that there was no discussion, debate, or resolution of the Kings-Hants PC Association Executive to authorize this $4,400 cheque. As noted by Mr. Palmeter, this cheque was mentioned in a treasurer’s report for September 2003 that was read to a meeting of the Executive and not circulated to those present. Many members of the Executive thought the line item referred to subsidies paid for convention delegates’ fees, when they heard it mentioned. In reality, this expense was completely different. In the House of Commons this morning, Mr. Brison suggested that the treasurer’s report accounted for the funds. This is like suggesting that Paul Martin could write “$250,000,000” on a piece of paper and say that the sponsorship funds are fully accounted for.

The Conservative members here must have forgotten all about this press release by the party by now but perhaps Rosemary can ask Scott about it when they next meet.

PS- Check out Jordan’s run down of the candidates night the other evening. Interesting. For example:

One Hants county man got POed by Brison’s mere prescence, and after a back and forth with the candidate, stormed out of the room.  I spoke to the man afterward, and he stated that he didn’t trust Mr. Brison.  He said the incumbent lies through his teeth and isn’t fit to be an MP.  ”I could cut the political career out from under him if I told what I know about him,” stated the man.

Bet you there is a story there.


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  1. nice picture of the man who stormed out of U Hall after interrupting the debate in the Hants Journal with Ms Segado at her HQ opening in Windsor.

  2. S’that so? Must get a hold of that.