Candidates’ forum tonight

The Kings-Hants federal candidates will be showcased tonight at U. Hall (ugh- so uncomfortable). 6pm, open at 5 pm. [pretty early for a weeknight or do they expect it to be so short so people can go  there straight from work and still get home in good time for dinner]

It is euphemistically called a forum in promotions but we doubt there will be much back and forth. Political correctness will reign . Fred Sgambati in his column in today’s Advertiser (well named that) says:

It won’t be a free-for-all, and if show up looking for that you’ll be disappointed. Rules of order will be enforced and anyone abusing them or the privilege of being part of this exercise in democracy will be brought up short by our moderator, Dr. Ian Wilks, chair of the Acadia Senate.

The goal is reasonable discourse and an opportunity for the public to meet and experience each candidate.[source]

That will keep a few people away. How encouraging. Oh for the good old days when you or your neighbour could ask some tough questions and hear the cut and thrust of debate, when politicians prided themselves on getting out the wittiest insults, before public sense of humour was smothered and truth strangled. Instead we get “reasonable discourse” which of course means lies dressed up to the nines, as false as the models who slouch down the runways, thin and expressionless.

So we would change the title to Fred’s piece from ” Candidates’ forum likely to be lively” to “likely to be deadly.”

If you can’t go to the forum tonight you probably won’t miss much of import if you just read the statements reported in the Advertiser ( p10) on the Windsor forum on Thursday ( which Rosemary Segado didn’t attend)

Harris ( NDP) said she her party would “try hard to preserve jobs [because presumably other parties wouldn’t?]  and “it’s possible we’ll have to block some of the trading deals that were brought in by government in the past” [does she mean NAFTA?] address poverty and “we will buy locally, grow locally and manufacture locally” [no matter how much it costs-oh sorry that was us]. Green Brenden MacNeil said the federal government has become too tied to large corporations and Canada has become heavily reliant on taking from other countries. “We should be producing our own food and not subsidizing large corporations.” [ Hmm let me see.  CBC, The Post Office, Community Newspapers and magazines, The National Gallery of Canada, the Canada Council for the Arts and the National Arts Centre , Milk Producers, Wind turbines. Yes, way too many – and with global warming we may be able to even grow bananas? ] Brison said the country was in its best shape before [ when Brison was in government] but is in debt now [ because it wasn’t in debt then?] ” Cutting the GST was probably the dumbest move.” [It is terrible to keep money in people’s pockets instead of giving it to Brisonesque governments to have fun playing with] “We should be renegotiating into better trading deals to diversify trading relations so we are not so dependent on the US” [ hmm seems we’ve heard that before- oh yes, from the Conservatives. Is Brison hoping we will think it was his idea?  Brison hasn’t changed.]

So there you have it. Tonight will be a similar rehash. Should we go? Sit in the back corner- row W – with a laptop and live blog?


4 responses to “Candidates’ forum tonight

  1. I was there, and I’ve gotta say, it was far from dull. I’ve covered it on my blog, ( as well as for the Athenaeum. It was a blast, and the candidates really grilled each other.

  2. You are young. Well, younger than we are anyway. You haven’t seen what they USED to be like! Look forward to reading your view of the evening at
    and your piece in the Athenaem

    We inspired, so he says, Gypsy who used to live in the Wolfville area. Have we perhaps inspired another blogger? We hope so. That’s what it is all about-the free market of opinions.

  3. Inspired me? Partially.

    See, I was writing a lot before, but it was pretty boring and without much substance; I stumbled upon this blog, and it sort of opened my eyes to how exciting local news can be too.

    Thanks for the kind words and comments, though, I really appreciate it. I’ll keep reading WW for sure.

    I’m going to check out “Gypsy,” too.

  4. Welcome to the blogging world. It’s an interesting community with room for all kinds of opinions as you’ll find. And it is an interesting time to weigh in with 3 elections to watch -municipal, federal and US presidential. We always expected more student bloggers but they seem to be thin on the ground – in this part of the world anyway.