Segado signs

Segado/Conservative signs have started appearing in town. One has already been broken and it has only been there since yesterday. One has to presume it was a supporter of the opposition who took offense at her sign. Odd that we haven’t seen any NDP or Liberals signs vandalised although they have been up for weeks. What does this say about Conservative supporters compared to Liberal or NDP supporters? Does this mean there are more jerks/yahoos/ vandals among the opposition crowd?

There is also cyber vandalism. Some leftish techie has hacked into the PM’s list serve (probably inspired by the hacker who broke into Palin’s e-mail) and sent out anti-Harper, anti-Conservative messages. Does this mean there are fewer techies among conservatives or is their attitude toward their opponents different? We know how we would answer these questions.


5 responses to “Segado signs

  1. No matter what the party, vandalizing signs is not cool.

  2. Not only is vandalizing political signs “not cool” it is against the law. Of course, if anyone gets caught, the fine would likely be to come up with a plan for the clock tower corner within the present century.

    Other than a tut, tut, we could get a posse together and rent a tazer.

    I remember seeing a clutch of 4 x 8 signs in a public area representing three parties. Only one was untouched. Shows the mentality of the vandal.

  3. Did you notice that the vandalised sign was removed and then- a day or so later- a multitude of large Segado signs appeared on the inside of the windows of the building? Like the hydra – when one head is cut off two appear. Had to laugh.

  4. Although I’m strongly opposed to Segado’s nomination, a Wolfville local, an adamant NDP supporter, and one of those crazy fiends known as “teenagers,” I’d never vandalize a sign. The idea of vandalizing is counter-productive as it limits the sort of political dialogue we need to have.

    Much like Segado’s nomination, sign-breaking is most undemocratic.

  5. Democracy – In order to keep our freedom and our home and native land, we must always be vigilant.
    We must teach our children as much as possible of Canadian history. The first settlers, who built the country from east to west. The railways, the farmers,
    the Scots, French, Ukrainians, English and the rest, whose longing to be free gave them the motivation to work hard and make Canada “HOME.” It is this longing for home that motivates us all.
    Rather than shaking hands with the devil, we must learn to shake hands with our neighbours. We share this same space, our home and native land.