Meet the candidates

There will be a candidates evening October 8 at 7:30 at the gym in Wolfville School sponsored we are told by the Kings Co. Chamber of Commerce.

There seems to be a dearth of information so far re this municipal election. People are asking US for information that they aren’t getting in the press. Expect that the incumbents don’t really favour a whole lot of probing this time round, highlighting as it would the disgruntled mood in our fractured community. Lying low probably seems like a better bet


5 responses to “Meet the candidates

  1. Why don’t these candidates have their policy platforms posted on a Town website? Please, please, give me a useful URL…

    What does it say about voters if the most effective strategy is “lying low”. Are voters really so foolish as to reward cowardice?

  2. We can give you one

    PS. In case anyone thinks this “coincidental” we got it off the card left at our doorstep.

    We will soon have material from others to post as we can see that would be helpful.

    There is this link from NovaNewsNow

    but it always times out- perhaps overloaded. When we looked at it first it didn’t have many profiles there yet.

  3. I surely hope that we don’t have to sit through one of those so called debates, where people that are designated questioners can throw “gotcha”questions that they already know the answer for at people who are so afraid to say the wrong thing that they can’t even be logical. Look at the buffoonery we are subject to on the leaders’ debates. It only lacks cheerleaders.

    A real debate has a pro and con side to a debateable issue. What we have to endure is simply a free for all, like hockey where everyone tries to outsmart the others in both official languages.’

    Nobody cares about the rules in politics. They just want to get through the hour without crying. I don’t think it will happen this time. Mr. Dion might sniffle a little if the rest of them gang up on him. He will say it isn’t fair. And it isn’t. It is just a travesty.

  4. At the risk of having too much to say, ahem, I just wanted to add that Scott Brison should not sell Rosemary Segado short. She is doing what I believe is the top priority in any campaign. She is talking to the people. As many people in the riding as she can given the short campaign time she has to deal with.
    You might notice that she is not insulting anyone either.
    Get to know her. You might just want to move your vote to Rosemary and give her an opportunity to work for Kings Hants. I can hear opportunity knocking, can’t you?

  5. So what does Rosemary stand for? Wolfville property taxes went up faster than a Chinese space rocket while Rosemary was on Wolfville Town Council.

    What’s her policy platform? Whatever Harper says? Is Rosemary a lock-em-up-and-throw-away-key clone of Harper? I certainly hope Rosemary has a less contemptuous opinion of Atlantic Canadians than that expressed by her new lord and master…