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Ah, isn’t it great to be in an election year. The roads get paved, the sidewalks get fixed, taxes get lowered and unpopular zoning changes are reversed (at least temporarily). We are happy though for the intrepid ladies ( and gents we suppose) who went door to door collecting names for a petition to restore hourly bus service to Tideways.

Eighteen Tideways residents attended the Sept. 16 Kings Transit board meeting to present a petition signed by over 180 Wolfville residents. Spokesman Sandy MacKinnon said there seems to be a hold-up around new schedules being printed, but the one-hour bus schedule should be in place by Oct. 15. [link to source]

Just in time for the Tideways residents to vote. Wonderful! Of course the traditional bottle of rum does not guarantee the results as Nova Scotians know well. The route had been changed by the Kings Transit Authority- Councillor Zimmerman is our rep on this Board- and this move essentially isolated Tideway residents. The 2 hour schedule, the circuitous route, and the inconvenient busstop, really didn’t work for them.

Changing to a two-hour schedule from the original one-hour one upset Tideways residents and so did having to wait at the Baptist Church as opposed to the new downtown bus stop.

Residents made it clear they had moved to the housing co-op with the expectation of relying on the service. Over 20 residents use the service now.

Sort of like zoning. Residents rather count on that staying pretty much the same.

There is a great picture of Councillor Zimmerman with the Tide ways group in the novanewsnow article and he does his best to explain the “experiment”  and its reversal.

“The issue remains the increase in gas prices is attracting many more riders to the transit systems across the country. Kings Transit is no exception, but there still has not been recognition of this trend reflected in the funding decisions by the participating municipalities,” he noted.

The failure to increase funding to Kings Transit this year is what precipitated the crisis that led to the Tideways experiment. Their latest reports show a significant increase in ridership in the last few months and that trend will likely continue. Kings Transit has to be properly funded for the system to work and that remains a concern,” MacKinnon added. “The system is still in a funding crisis that must be addressed.”

One might ask why if ridership has increased funding [subsidisation] has to be increased.  Nor does this report really explain how the “experimental” change in route, which so distressed the seniors at the west end of town, helped the bottom line. But we have ceased expecting any comprehensible explanations, information or facts from the press. In any case, in THIS case, the people spoke and the council listened.

Wolfville town council expressed a unanimous motion asking Kings Transit to restore hourly service to a seniors’ housing development back in July.

Councillors’ hearing seems to improve about every four years but we warn our readers -if the same crew gets in it will be deafness business as usual the next day.

You have 28 days to decide on a list. Phone the candidates. Any one of them worth their salt will spend time discussing issues with you.  There should also be a meet the candidates evening soon; make it a point to attend so you can make your vote count.


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