Segado saga – episode 3

The Segados are getting a lot of press lately and they are probably happy with that. After all Brison thinks all press is good press. So they shouldn’t be unhappy with the bit in Frank [issue 542 p. 20 just out] which outlines their small claims action filed in early August against a local lady who claimed she was employed by the Segados and claimed she was authorised to make purchases from Rafuse Building supplies which she did to the tune of $10, 314.87

The Segados discovered this scam when Rafuse phoned one of them recently to tell them the marble they had ordered (but hadn’t really ordered) had arrived. “Totally inconsequential” says Roberto of this case -according to the Franklander- but we wonder how purchases on their account of this order of magnitude between December 2007 and late July of this year went unnoticed until recently by these “savvy” business people and by Rosemary, our “experienced” town councillor. We also wonder if Rafuse Building supplies, who is listed as a co-claimant,  is adjusting its purchase authorisation policies in light of this con.

By the by, Frank mentions, as we did, that Segado’s name was initially misspelled Segora on the Conservative website and adds this about the Conservatives nomination:

The recent choice of Rosemary to stem the Scott Brison tide stunned many Kings Hants Tories. ” I always thought she was NDP” one politically astute local confessed to me.

We understand why.

PS. We usually don’t blog Frank until it has been out for a week or so but this tidbit couldn’t wait another week. We missed  blogging last month’s issue- although we really wanted to comment on Frank’s excellent piece on the CH and the slow extinction of the dinosaurs print press. We might get back to it some day. Only so many hours… Do check out the rest of issue 542. There is a bit on Railtown, the non-relocation of K. Conrad, CBC’s Chiu coup, for the Cons in town [are there any?] there is an article on the Fall of Rosamond Luke and for all the NDippers in town [there are many] a fabulously well written report and photo spread on Megan Leslie’s [gosh she’s cute] crowning [her nomination speech  “knocked it out of the park” as CNN talking heads are often heard to say]


2 responses to “Segado saga – episode 3

  1. Did you catch Scott Brison at the recent press conference in Halifax?? If I were Dion, I wouldn’t have him behind me when Bob Rae pushes me aside at the podium.

  2. Brison is described now as a “heavy weight” in the Liberal Party. G_d help them.