Segado saga- episode 2

Brison thinks the selection of Segado was “undemocratic“. He says it shows a disregard for “the Nova Scotian people” [ We’re a people now- who knew?] He says that the prime minister “has run roughshod over the rights of the Conservative nomination process in the province.”

We don’t know about the first two but the last opinion is just wrong and Mr. Brison, familiar as he says he is with the process, and having all his buddies in the local association should know that. The local Conservative association had all the time in the world to have meetings and choose a candidate other than the two time loser Mullan. They sat on their hands and missed the deadlines. [We say “they” but nobody knows who “they” are, including some longtime members of the  Conservative party locally who were left out of the non-process. ] We were hoping, since the local association  couldn’t get their act together Ottawa would parachute someone of quality in here to challenge Brison who can be beaten by the right nominee. We were hoping the prime minister WOULD ride roughshod” over the ineffective twits we have managing- or not managing- the local association. Instead, at the last trump, the Ottawa wonks accepted some names tossed out by someone or other – Hugh Roddis?- and after some putzing around cast their lot with Segado.

She is being heaped with praise by Mark Parent, David Morse and Chuck Porter. We don’t know why – it’s not her funeral.

Parent said Friday he was excited to see the voters have the opportunity to cast a ballot for someone with Segado’s energy, experience and commitment. “Upon her election, I will be happy to work with her for the good of the area.”

Morse said Segado, who is a constituent of his, has provided good representation and leadership on Wolfville town council and has been a loyal supporter during his election campaigns. She “is going to bring a refreshing presence to Ottawa.”

A former town councillor, Porter said, “I know what it takes to be a successful municipal official. Rosemary Segado’s record in Wolfville speaks for itself. I am looking forward to working, side-by-side, with Rosemary to provide strong leadership in our communities.” [link to source]

Perhaps Porter and Parent don’t want to be accused of “sour grapes” since their wives didn’t accept fast enough or were passed over depending on who you believe, or perhaps they don’t know her. Morse can’t say that. He should know her. But he is a politician and not a Danny Williams.

Meanwhile Segado is going door to door with the help of the RCMP and Acadia students on behalf of the Town’s Community Living Project as reported in today’s Advertiser [p.7 not online that we could find] in an article by single W:

Representatives from the police, campus security, Acadia University student services, the ACU and the town’s Living in Community committee went door to door several evenings last week.They handed out information pamphlets to students living off campus and educated them about the town’s noise by-law.

Segado was among them we heard and this is confirmed by the picture in the paper. We hope she has withdrawn from this activity now that she is running for election as we wouldn’t think continuing would be quite kosher.  In our view it is now a conflict of interest [even though she is technically still on Council]. By the by we heard that this little group showed up at a longtime resident’s house and Segado launched into a “welcome to Wolfville spiel” but she had absolutely no reaction, was completely blank, when the surprised homeowner explained he had lived in Wolfville many years. He had to repeat it three times and she still didn’t get it. Luckily the RCMP officer with her understood English and realised they must have had the wrong address. [Where do they get those addresses anyway? ]

Meanwhile, Segado told the Kings Co. Advertiser of her Sept 8 candidacy, “I’m so excited by all of this. I want to get out and meet the people…”

Wacky Wolfville is about to get wackier.

6 responses to “Segado saga- episode 2

  1. Like Brison knows anything about being democratic.

  2. Rosemary Segado may be the best representative we have ever had for this riding. Who knows? Let’s hope so. It would be a bonus if we could see a few signs or even a picture on this blog. Will she have an office somewhere and most of all, I’d like to know if she will be available for a debate with the other candidates, whoever they may turn out to be. It is quite confusing for newcomers to see all the different signs and colours. Not everyone sees the Advertiser and far be it for the Chronicly Horrible to cover anything Conservative.

  3. Do you mean a picture of Segado? Think we may be able to oblige with that. There was one of her in the Advertiser the other day . Haven’t seen any Segado signs. It takes time for those. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the local organization had been prepared? They should have had a candidate (a good one) a year ago. We have to admire your sense of hope.

  4. There is a picture of Rosemary on the Conservative website

    Her telephone # and e-mail address is on the same page

    and the Cons have set up a website for her too here

    This is from her “About” Rosemary page:

    In her eight years as Town Councillor, Rosemary Segado has delivered on her commitment to reduce taxes, pay down debt, and improve infrastructure for Wolfville residents.

    We ask you. Has she?

  5. Robert G. Holmes

    So Rosemary

    How many Day Care places will you provide in Kings Hants?

    What Farm support programs for the Valley?

    How many tonnes of Green House Gas will you reduce Valley emissions?

    How much Kings acreage will go to Cellulosic produce, rather than food production, under Stephen’s $2.5 billion Ethanol bailout? (Supported by our current Liberal MP)

    How many Affordable housing units did you provide while on Wolfville Council?

  6. Good questions all. Hope you will attend the candidates “forum” on Oct 8th and ask her a couple of those.