Now running in Kings-Hants -UPDATE!

The Segado saga continues. In an article in the CH this morning the Segados are in full damage control mode. Roberto insists he “was just trying to get a reaction” when he said:

“What a joke our politicians are! What’s the point in making promises and passing legislation only to break them at will? If this is what they do in a minority government, can you imagine what these people would do if given a majority? What Harper wants is not a democracy but an elected dictatorship. In fact, I wouldn’t trust ANY party with a majority — we only need to look back to the Mulroney and Chretien governments for an example of how prone our politicians of any colour are to abuse their absolute power.

“Without (an) independent Senate and judiciary, the only hope of having a semblance of democracy in Canada is with minority governments. I am sure to vote whichever way I think is more likely to result in another minority government.”

He thinks completely diferently now he says. His wife, now running as the CPC candidate, has convinced him. ” Trust me. It didn’t take long” she said. Perhaps he was thinking she might actually win? After all MP perks are nice. As for Rosemary herself , when asked how long she has been a member of the Conservative party, she said she couldn’t remember but that she’s been a conservative all her life and that ” I think a paper doesn’t make any difference. I think you live your party.” Well now, it makes a difference as to whether you can vote at Riding Association meetings but let’s let that pass for a minute and consider Ms Segado’s record on Council. Has it been “conservative”?

She has not spoken up at Council or voted against the high taxes and the extravagent budgets townspeople have endured. Is that fiscally conservative? She hasn’t spoken up or voted on behalf of beleagured business people. She hasn’t spoken up to preserve R1 zoning nor did she vote in support of Hugh Simpson’s first motion to make R1 preservation explicit in the MPS. Has she spoken up against the idiocy of  increased density as a way of reducing the Town’s “carbon footprint”?  She has followed the lead of the mayor and deputy mayor. She is a follower.  If that is what the Conservatives want well fine but it doesn’t inspire us to vote for her.

Meanwhile Ryan Sparrow  Federal Conservative Communications Director has been suspended for insensitive remarks made in an email to the media about Mr. Davis a father of a slain soldier. Mr. Davis can defend the hapless Sparrow but must realise that this incident was just the last in a series of gaffes, the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The prime minister said the e-mail was inappropriate because it questioned the motive of the father of a dead soldier.

“I want to make it very clear that I have set a tone and I have set an expectation for this campaign and as leader I’m going to make sure that that is followed all the way to victory,” Mr. Harper told the crowd.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay, who called Mr. Sparrow’s e-mail “unfortunate and inappropriate,” said he tried to phone Mr. Davis several times Thursday but couldn’t get through.

“I left a message for him also expressing condolences and expressing my regret that this has happened and apologizing,” Mr. MacKay said in an interview. “You have to be extremely sensitive to how people feel about the sacrifices their families have made and you have to be very cautious of any partisanship or politicizing of these issues.”

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Posted Sept 11: Every day another embarrassing revelation. They don’t even have her name right.

The name is Rosemary Segado folks. Perhaps her signature was illegible and she didn’t print very well on her papers? Or perhaps they don’t want her googled? Or perhaps they have a saboteur on their website team? Thanks for the tip Josh [see comment #5 for this post]

[The name has been corrected on the Conservative website – which is why we took a screen shot]


UPDATE Sept 10 : Will The National Council ask Rosemary Segado to withdraw given the latest news? We live in hope.

The husband of a Tory appointed candidate in Nova Scotia likened PM Harper to a dictator in written comments to the Globe & Mail just days ago….

Rosemay Segado’s husband Roberto, wrote the Globe & Mail on August 31, 2008 attacking Stephen Harper’s decision to ignor his own fixed election date law – as reported by the CBC in Nova Scotia this evening:

The following is taken from their report:

“What Harper wants is not a democracy but an elected dictatorship.

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She will be one unhappy camper if so since she didn’t present her papers yesterday to run for Wolfville Town Council.  Will the Conservatives hold their nose and say her husband’s views are immaterial?  However, if truth be told Rosemary, from what we have seen, is not a conservative and probably shares her husband’s politics.


Posted Sept. 9th : Rosemary Segado! Our most incomprehensible Councillor! Can you believe it? Rosemary is not a Sarah Palin. Anything further from a Sarah Palin could not be imagined. She isn’t even an Alexa McDonough.  But she has been, inexplicably, named by the Conservative Party as their candidate in Kings-Hants. We don’t know for sure who made this decision but we hear that the name was floated to the National Council of the Conservative Party by local party hacks. If true the local PCs are obviously working for Brison. By putting this name forward they have guaranteed the riding to the Liberals. Scott must be laughing his head off.

Its enough to make one disgorge one’s lunch. Guess we will be concentrating on the municipal campaigns which will be interesting in the extreme and which will have much more constructive results.

Later: See where the Conservative candidate in Halifax has “bowed out”:

A hand-picked Conservative candidate with a criminal record is dropping out of the race in the riding of Halifax. Rosamond Luke, executive director of the All Women’s Empowerment and Development Association, was appointed to carry the party’s banner in the Nova Scotia riding on Sunday.

Maybe Segado will withdraw too?

Further update: Jeff Cantwell is running and has a facebook page already ” jeff Cantwell for Mayor of Wolfville” .


6 responses to “Now running in Kings-Hants -UPDATE!

  1. Because the PC’s know that JC himself could run against Brison and not win, but think about the big picture, it is a vote for the PC party. Luv ya Steve.

  2. I don’t know who’s in charge, but whoever it is, he/she is doing a horrible job in Nova Scotia hand picking late arriving candidates for the Tories. It’s not like they didn’t have time, they had almost three years.

    At this point, the only candidates who will benefit from the ACOA and military announcements of the past two years will be MacKay and possibly Keddy. Although, there are no guarantees.

  3. Did you catch the CBC news at 6pm or notice the lead story on National Newswatch tonight?
    “Appointed Tory candidate’s husband likened Harper to a dictator”

    Let’s hope you’re right and she’s getting ready to withdraw.

  4. Can you spell Mickey Mouse? It is certainly obvious that nobody with any credentials wants to stand up to the media in this neck of the woods.

    Who, in their right mind would offer their necks on the chopping block of public opinion when every little idiocratic aberration is picked apart.

    Between the Sierra Club, the raging grannies, Danny Williams frothing at the mouth, I can almost guarantee that people will be laughing at the Atlantic Provinces for years to come if they have the only Liberal or NDP governments in Canada. I call it cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  5. According to the CPC website, the candidate’s name is Rosemay Segora.


  6. OMG they can’t even get the name right. That proves the National guys didn’t come up with the name … despite what the MSM says. That choice could only have originated from the local “PC’s” who couldn’t get their act together to have a proper nomination process.
    OR maybe the National Conservatives have a nasty gremlin on their website team?