Hantsport tax news

Our post on the deed transfer taxes in Nova Scotia attracted the attention of a Hantsport reader who contacted us via e-mail and informed us that Hantsport is proposing to adopt a deed transfer tax of 1% . So far it has only passed first reading but it doesn’t look good.

The motion was moved by the deputy mayor (Peter Murray). The mayor (Wayne Folker) spoke against the move, to his credit. Two Councillors spoke for it as did – naturally – the CAO ( Jeff Lawrence).  [We wonder whether Hantsport’s CAO lives outside the town as Wolfville’s does. We can be sure he doesn’t get paid what Hantsport resident Roy Brideau – who is Wolfville’s CAO gets paid] In any case, it is little surprise that staff would be for the tax since any increase in revenue makes their job easier.  Our source says the vote was 5 for and 2 against.

There is still hope that the proposal will be defeated at subsequent readings. And there is an election looming so Hantsport residents should make note of those who voted for this burdensome tax. A “meet the candidates” event is being organised in cooperation with the Hantsport & Area Business Association and no doubt this will be an issue raised at that time. Not sure of time and place yet but we will update this post when we find out.

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