Sarah Palin gets the nod

WOOT! We liked her ever since she put Alaska’s cheque register online [see our post –Another First For Wolfville]

Gov. Sarah Palin (R) has announced the state has put its check register online. The department of administration’s Web site now hosts datasheets in PDF and Excel formats that allow taxpayers to view details of every expenditure greater than $1,000, organized by department, payee, and type of expense. [link to source ]

You remember we suggested Wolfville be the first municipality in Canada to do this!  Now the Alaska Governor is MacCain’s VP pick. We think it was bold choice and others do too.  The Democrats like it (thinking it will favour them)  which is a very good sign just because they are so often wrong in their judgement. Just look at what they think about Global warming, ignoring real problems like land use and abuse, to chase woozles.

Efforts to label her as a lightweight have backfired as she has out-maneuvered, out-talked, out-flanked, and soundly beaten her political opponents at every turn, much to their dismay that she doesn’t play by their self-serving rules. Immensely popular, she is, in short, a breath of fresh Alaskan air blowing from the North.

A common sense choice.

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