Bats vs ideology

Bats are being killed.

Hundreds of bats found dead each year around wind turbines have suffered internal trauma from a sudden drop in air pressure at the turbine blades, according to new research… {link to source]

The bats haven’t got a hope in hell. It used to be steel plants and other industries but now the wind power lobby soon to become big eco-business dipping heavily into the corporate welfare trough will win out. They have the ear of government, the public has been brought on side by the media, Al Gore rules. Bats can’t compete against that. They aren’t soft and cute and cuddly with a nice white coat. They aren’t even as pretty as some birds – or as essential to business as bees. Nope. This form of eco terrorism will proceed and we will be left with the unintended consequences like the bio-fuel fiasco.

Wolfville is a nuclear free zone but wind turbines are being investigated and have been included as a possibiliy by development agreement in the draft LUB [pp. 46, 65] The alternate energy we would go for is solar since the sun runs the show.

We have bats but not for much longer. They are already under stress with the destruction of habitat which, believe it or not, we don’t like to see. As with so many other issues environmental fundementalists are out to lunch. They try to protect the forest but don’t see or bother about the loss of individual trees. Pretty soon then you don’t have a forest to save, especially when to save the forest they accidentally burn it down.

Later: In case you don’t believe the bit about corporate welfare – have you read this?

As part of the EU’s plan to generate 20 percent of the UK’s electricity using renewables, seven giant 340 ft, 2MW wind turbines are being planned on a remote corner of the district, known as Lower Farm, Bearstone, attracting objections from 2,333 residents and businesses, six Parish Councils, two MPs and the neighbouring Borough Council.

Yet, despite only five letters in support of the wind turbines, being developed on behalf of Nuon Electricity, the local planning officer has recommended its approval, citing the over-riding need to meet national quotas for renewable energy. …

Not only will the local residents have to pay top dollar for the electricity produced, through the government’s incentive scheme to encourage building wind farms – known as the Renewable Obligations Certificate – they will have to pay twice over. The total sum amounts to a colossal £43 million over the life of the project.

This is worked out of the basis of ROCs being paid out at the rate of £53 per MWh of electricity produced, which is added to consumers’ electricity bills. The turbines will produce an estimated 32,377 MWh a year, producing a subsidy of £1,715,981 for each of the 25 years the permission to operate lasts, totalling just under the £43 million.

Why this should be a wake-up call for the rest of the nation is that this illustrates the huge scale of the hidden incentives involved. Energy companies are not so much building wind as subsidy farms, such is the bonanza to be grabbed.

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