An appeal

Before we proceed with another post about Wolfville issues we want to fulfill a promise we made to Bryan Henry, ex blogger of Blogging Nova Scotia who is appealing on behalf of the Cape Breton woman, Marilyn MacKay, awaiting a transplant in Ontario. Although the story is now getting some local press and help from the Lung Association of NS we want to highlight the need here also in case some of our readers are inclined to help this family out. Here is Bryon’s message which we are very happy to pass on.

I am friends with a member of the family and looking to help get her
support so she can stay in Toronto long enough to get the surgery
needed to save her life. The Nova Scotia government has agreed to pay
for the surgery and any medical costs but wont be able to assist with
cost of living, transportation or anything else.

Donations can be made at any TD bank in an account created for Marilyn
Mackay. Simply go to the bank and ask to give funds for the Marilyn
Mackay benefit fund being hosted at the Port Hawkesbury branch.

So toddle down to the TD branch in Kentville or contact the Lung Association and make a donation.


One response to “An appeal

  1. Hi,

    I am Marilyn’s son thank you everyone for their support greatly appreciated. Hopefully the NS Government will go out a program to help offset the costs of going out of province for long periods of time for medical issues.

    Thanks again