East end Break ins

You probably read in the August 14 copy of the Register, as we did, about the rash of break ins on the east side of town over the night of Aug 7th. We read the “from the cruiser” reports regularly and it is unusual to hear about break ins in that part of town. The timing is especially odd since with all the construction work on Sherwood lately there hasn’t been even the usual through traffic there. We expect the pony patrol RCMP are thinking along the same lines we are, ie. that there should be a whole whack of questions asked of the construction workers who have been tearing up that street- several times over from the looks of it- for two months or more.

It is clear that these break ins were not just a one off but were a planned series of thefts, perpetrated over one night, hitting certain out buildings which were targetted. So the area had been scouted, and as we said, it hasn’t been easy to go up or down that way recently for the ordinary thief to scout out targets – except of course for those working on the street. And what was taken? “Woodworking tools” from a garage on Parkview, ” $1,000 worth of tools” from an unlocked shed on Dale, ” a generator and tools” from another unlocked shed at the Blomidon Inn. The report doesn’t say what was taken from a locked storage shed on Sherwood but whoever did the deed had tools to cut the lock. Yep, planned and well chosen targets.

Not sure about that bunch the town chose to do the work. It was a very expensive project but you wouldn’t want to be choosing an unreputable company, even if they did have the lowest bid.

Hope the cops take some fingerprints of the construction crew. We don’t think it is enough to say ” These are the times we live in.”


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