Scott’s missing week

We took a peek at Scott Brison’s website the other day hoping to see photos and a blurb about Scott’s participation in the Gay Pride Parade in Halifax on July 26th. He usually has a little rundown of his activities in the previous week and a heads up for the coming week, something like this one for last week. But we were disappointed. There was no report covering July 26th. On the report which covered his Barbeque on July 20th, and then some events covering July 29th to the 31st, we are informed that – Last week’s report was not issued due to some technical difficulties.

We wonder what possible technical difficulties those would be. While it might not have been possible to send immediate photos via cell phone or a report via his or his keeper’s blackberry surely after the event these could be included in the July 31 report – as his barbeque of July 20th was.

The Gay Pride parade is also not mentioned in a previous report, dated Thursday July 17th, as an upcoming activity.

The week ahead:

Scott will be in his constituency office for appointments on Monday. On Tuesday he is meeting with the executive director of the Heritage Canada Foundation regarding protection of Canada’s built heritage and in the evening will be attending the launch reception for the Annapolis Valley’s newest radio station, K-Rock, at the Old Orchard Inn.

We know he was there because Frank Magazine didn’t have any technical difficulties and has Brison’s picture on the front cover of issue 539 [good til Aug 19th] cosying up to Liberal MP Mike Savage and a vehicle, with Scott’s name proudly displayed on the front, is featured with other colourful participants of the Rainbow Parade in a colour centrefold.

Is Scott not proud? Is he not honest? Very puzzling.


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