Wolfville’s website

When is the Town going to get a new, improved website? If you remember the comments on a previous post, we understood that Wolfville would be following in Berwick’s footsteps with a joomla based site. Either they are awfully slow about it or they have changed their minds. Too bad because Berwick’s website appears much simpler to use for both the web user and the administration.

In any case, with the amount the Town has budgeted for IT, they get very poor service. Just for example – the link for assessment inquiries on this page is dead. This would be because assessment services are now not under the control of the province but owned by the municipalities themselves (a matter of the foxes being in charge of the hen house – but that’s a different issue). Assessment Services (as of April 1) now have a new web address and a new name (Property Valuation Services) and the Town’s website should reflect that. The link on the Town’s website doesn’t even lead to the redirect page from the Province which alerts residents that Assessment Services has moved. Sigh. [We don’t even bother to tsk, tsk any more- what’s the use?]

PS- check out Berwick’s polls on green initiatives and whether the website should have a discussion board.. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a poll like that on our Town’s site, say on the issue of high density?


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