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We are due for a Frankland update. Of interest to us:

“X Clude” points out that David Jackson’s CH article on the newly released contributions list neglected to mention Graham Dennis’ contributions – which were $1,476.40 to the provincial Liberals and $2,378.90 to Rodney’s “Tories” but zip, nada, zero to the NDP. The Frankland grunt suggests media bias. We aren’t too sure. Since there doesn’t seem to be a real conservative in the bunch he probably just thought it redundant to give to Darrell Dexter too.

There are some great pics of the interior of the historic Mathers house on Jubilee Road that is threatened with demolition because of the epidemic of infill and high density philosophy which has infected HRM. Maybe the only chance you get to see all that lovely woodwork. A related story on the next page decries the development craze. ..

“while the city is giving the green light to downtown office skyscrapers and mega projects the new push for high density living has inspired some developers to opt for a more expedient money-making route. … any single family dwelling, regardless of its Old World charm is not nearly as valuable as the land beneath it, so long as the property can be subdivided.

Does this problem sound familiar at all? Are Wolfville councillors paying attention at all to what is happening in HRM do you think?

Lots of talk about who’s running or not where as municipal elections loom. No rumours evident as yet about who is plotting running against Stead in our neck of the woods though.

There’s a centerfold with nudity, another calendar for a good cause effort akin to the one Scott Brison chilled out in a year or two back. This one has a pirate theme ( lots of cocked hats) and is a fund raiser for Liverpool’s 250th anniversary celebrations next summer. The WoW might be interested in picking up copies.

Even more shocking than all those bare posteriors was the news on the next page that ex-Wolfvillian David “Bentballs” Bentley, of Daily News fame, is running for a position on the Halifax school board. Frank is getting the campaign rolling by offering a plentitude of platitudes for slogan’s, such as “No more brawls with Bentballs” and “Bentballs:because your child really can’t be that stupid” and “LIfe, Liberty and I don’t care where I sit!” Break a leg David!

Who could resist mocking Farmers new NS themed ice creams such as Celtic coffee and Fiddler’s Reel Brownie? Pretty silly and Frank’s versions are just as silly – Donair ripple, Ashley MacIsaac downward swirl, Cindy Day’s dopler delight and Peter Duffy vanilla soft serve are just a few on their ice cream menu.

Which brings us to the letters page where there is a missive in support of Wolfville dentist Dr. Hills. ” It is a well known fact” says the writer “that the three complaints against Mr. Hills were instigated by his competitor and former Dental Board chairman Dr. Andrew Nette. Dr. Nette instigated and coaxed three of Dr. Hill’s patients into lodging formal complaints… This feud is ongoing obviously. Good thing our teeth are in good shape. Wouldn’t like to be in either chair frankly.

So that’s it folks, our Frank end of month rundown, which doesn’t even scratch the surface of its content.

The latest ish is good for another week.

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