Another first for Wolfville?

Our deputy mayor swears that this administration struggles over and debates every expenditure. He swears it doesn’t over tax and then over spend. He swears those reserves aren’t really just slush funds. What if the town posted every cheque it wrote online? Then we would really know what this administration spends our money on wouldn’t we? Does this sound far fetched? There are some US states that are doing just that and it sounds like a fine idea.

Alaska has become the latest in a string of states to boost government spending transparency by posting information online.

Gov. Sarah Palin (R) has announced the state has put its check register online. The department of administration’s Web site now hosts datasheets in PDF and Excel formats that allow taxpayers to view details of every expenditure greater than $1,000, organized by department, payee, and type of expense. [link to source ]

HT Making Sense with Nicholls

Don’t know yet of any place in Canada that does it but hey, Wolfville is a leader isn’t it? Just think- the first Fair trade town, AND the first municipality to be REALLY transparent about its spending in Canada. That might even make the financial post! How about it Councillors?


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