Sense on the farm

About ten days ago there was an item in the paper by Glenn Ells in his “on the farm” column which we cut out to comment on. The bit of paper got buried under other bits of paper but we came across it today. It is never too late for good comment but unfortunately our tardiness [we are on summer hours here at ww] means we are unlikely to find a link online. Anyway, here is what Mr. Ells had to say about taxes and spending. It is worth passing on to a wider audience.

“Today, July 17, there is a report telling where the province fits in with the rest of the country regarding spending and taxation. OUr spending has doubled since 1997, but our population hasn’t grown. Where does the money come from?

Nova Scotia has the second highest fuel tax in Canada, the third hughest small business tax rate, the third highest basic personal exemption and we don’t index our personal income tax brackets as most other provinces do. I’d say we’re becoming less competitive compared to the rest of the country.

Didn’t we say he made sense?

We already have the second highest per capita public debt in the country, and yet we keep on spending.

Mr Ells doesn’t hold out much hope that this will change any time soon.

I feel confident that there will be no meaningful debate about these things during the next provincial election campaign. …

Will there be any discussion of this issue here prior to the municipal election? We hope so but we won’t hold our breath because it seems Wolfvillians are wimps. And if every municipality is over taxing and over spending like Wolfville is, as our deputy mayor appears to be saying, no wonder we are in such a mess.

Meanwhile, out here in the country, we are trying to keep income and spending more or less in balance. The less supervision we have, the easier it will be to do this.

Hear, hear. Hope you come out and vote come Oct 18.


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