Scott Brison Annual BBQ

How could we not mention Scott’s BBQ at Kip’s Beach, Cheverie, Hants Co. – Sunday, July 20, 3-6 pm If the heavens should open, the rain location is Summerville Fire Hall. “All welcome” it says in the ad. Go! Great opportunity to ask him embarrassing questions like:

1) Is green shift really a carbon tax or a redistribution of wealth a la Darrell Dexter.

2) does he think the Liberal party can raise any money to compare with the either the Conservatives or the NDP?

3) where is his seat in Parliament now…

4) Has he gained weight since his marriage?

5) does he regret changing horses way back when? To think – he could have been part of the governing party… who is lucky?

Guess that should keep you busy. Will he answer? and what will he say?


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