Wolfville’s residential tax burden

It is great to have other people working on this file. One of them has sent this bit to us from the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies Interim Report Card for Nova Scotia. [Click to enlarge]

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The figures are for 2004 – 2006: Municipalities Average Residential Tax Burden: Notice that Wolfville’s ranking is 53 out of 55 where 55 is the highest. Notice also that our debt burden [Municipal Debt as a Percentage of Total Property Tax Assessment, Average 2004-2006] is 1.1%. That may not sound high but it ranks 35th out of 55 municipalities.

Compare our town’s figures with those of Antigonish, which is a similar university town of a similar size with similar problems. It ranks only 15th out of 55 so has a low residential tax burden AND it has a Municipal Debt of only only a .27% Percent of Total Property Tax Assessment.

Only two towns outrank Wolfville for municipal over taxation – Lunenberg and Mahone Bay.

These figures confirm what we have been saying since we started this blog in March of 2005. This town is not well run.


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