Atlantic Frank on the web

Frank has a web site at last. We know it has been on facebook but not everyone has a facebook account or wants one. We’ve been looking over the site with a critical eye. Don’t expect an online version of the magazine. Here’s what the Franklanders offer on the site.

Front covers of the last 3 issues -so the headlines can pique your interest-and a ticker tape news window scrolling headlines from inside the present issue. There are some links – to their Facebook page and an Rss feed which gives headlines only.

They have some history on the “about us” page. – A few excerpts:

It’s been labelled a rag, dismissed as a scandal sheet, and in 2002 Antigonish Bishop Colin Campbell actually declared reading it a sin.

But like it or not, for the past 20-plus years Frank Magazine has consistently provided readers from Baddeck to Bermuda with their bi-weekly dose of news, satire, opinion, and humour. Inspired by U.K.-based Private Eye and born from the creative minds of Halifax Daily NewsFrank first hit newsstands in November 1987, determined to introduce to Atlantic Canadians a new measure of fearless journalism. … founder David Bentley and veteran journalists Lyndon Watkins and Dulcie Conrad,

More than 500 issues later, with its original maxim – Frank by name, Frank by nature – firmly intact, Frank continues to defy industry trends. By refusing to pin its existence on advertising revenue, Frank retains a measure of editorial freedom other publications can only imagine.

One of the founders, David Bentley, was briefly a Wolfville resident we are told.

They have a subscribe page and a news tip page – naturally. And a Frank finder (in case you are in a strange town and need an issue desperately) which shows you where in Atlantic Canada the magazine is on sale. And it has a blurb on how to order back issues. So far not very exciting. Pretty basic stuff.

The fun part is in the For Fun section which has some choice pages from some past issues. Like this Just Not So Story this Hall of Fame pic , some separated at birth shots, and 3 examples of That Page in Frank.

The graphics sure look better on the screen than they do in print don’t they?

We hope they continually change these pages from the archives and don’t let them get stale, otherwise there isn’t much to draw us back again and again – unless we have a hot tip of course. 🙂


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