A patchwork of green

Perhaps it has been around for a while but we have just come across a copy of the Gaspereau Valley Gazette, a The Grapevine look alike, “serving Wallbrook, Melanson, Gaspereau, White Rock and neighbouring communities.” We note that many of the same businesses that support The Grapevine have advertising copy in this free hand out. The content is light, in many ways similar to the Wolfville version. It has recipes, anecdotes, and poetry. The only piece of any intended seriousness is an article in this July issue, apparently one of a series, titled “A Patch of Green” on climate change which repeats oft repeated statements which the author believes are facts, but which are not. It really is quite sad, because we suppose the author is an intelligent and even educated person. We are sorry to say however that this is no longer any guarantee of reliable thought given the number of intelligent and educated friends who send us (and other poor people on their e-mail list we suppose) hoax virus alerts without doing their research first. Do they have no sense of responsibility?

For example, the author references the “current global scientific concern due to a world average increase of temperature of 2 C degrees above normal and beyond.” There are about 5 things wrong with this one sentence.

First the concern isn’t global – quite a few, and a growing number of scientists in other countries are skeptical about the calamitous predictions made about warming. [link] [ link] [link] [link]

Secondly the concern isn’t scientific- some scientists refute the extreme claims made by others and dispute the science on which these claims and predictions are based. [link] in Canada too [link]

Thirdly without a time range for the temperature increase claimed the concern is meaningless- an increase since when? Since the little ice age?

Fourthly- what is normal? What year or range of years would you pick as normal? Was the medieval warm period normal? or one of the glacial periods? Or 1933?

And fifthly, if he is referring to the last 20 years or so, there hasn’t been a 2 degree C world average increase in temperature. [evidence] [more ]

That’s just the one sentence. The author goes on with one mis representation after another. Think how many soft minds he is influencing. He cites Arctic ice melt and break up. Does he know whereof he speaks? And in any case why would an increased melt lately at the North Pole mean a global warming calamity when a substantial increase of ice lately at the other pole doesn’t mean a global cooling calamity?

Of course he brings in the polar bears. They are getting thin and drowning due to lack of sea ice, he repeats. But are they?

He cites a film by Leonard di Caprio The 11th Hour which he says “further illustrates evidence of the distress Mother Earth is under and its effects on the poorest regions of the world.” There are lots of factors causing distress in poor regions of the world but I would put the climate change on the bottom of the list. Local land issues, corruption, inter-tribal hostility, and poor government are more powerful issues in our mind.

But this kind of piece – a pastiche of every environmental mantra- is the kind of stuff the press laps up. The other side? Not so much.

We ask: Please stop scaring the kids.

“I worry about it,” says this girl who has yet to lose all her baby teeth, “because I don’t want to die.”

The author is right about one thing. “ In the Annapolis Valley we are not escaping the issues that we see on TV


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