The unasked question

This was the question we wanted to ask too but Blovkog beat us too it. The question is – who benefitted from the ATV for kiddies deal?

I’ve checked every story written recently on the meat-headed idea by the Province to buy 66 kid-sized ATVs. I wanted to see a) who bought them (which was pretty easy: it’s coming out of the Health Promotion Budget, headed by Barry Barnet) and b) who they were bought from.

Part b) is proving to be a difficult question to answer. We know who manufactured them, but not which dealerships they were purchased through. 19 of the ATVs are Bombardier, 18 are Suzuki, 18 are Honda, and 11 are Arctic Cat. That’s nice information to have, but I want to know who made money on this ridiculous idea. Did individual local dealers have any connections to Mr. Barnet? To Mr. MacDonald? This kind of stupid spending can usually be traced to someone (or a group) who has the “ear” of government, and I really want to know if that’s the case with the ATV purchase. Neither the Herald nor the Metro has asked or answered this question.

As Blevkog notes – this is a question the vaunted press is not asking and- as we have often said before- that is a tip off that the meat of the story is there. Maybe a Franklander will find out. Forget the MSM.

Later: We also agree with the comment by McGuire at Dispatches:

he [Rodney] was taking shit for this decision & he threw a minister & a real good guy under the us to save his sorry ass.


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