Tick season

Via Infomonkey we’ve discovered another NS blog worth putting on our Atlantic blogroll. Here are a few choice excerpts from the most recent post:

Ticks are blood-feeding parasites that are often found in legislative assemblies in little Tartan Republics such as Nova Scotia.

They live the shires where they will wait to attach to a passing tax-payer.

Helicopters are their preferred method of transportation, but they do allow their offspring to use their other favourite  mode of communication, the  government-leased SUV.

In Wolfville however, they often walk or cycle.

Changes in political temperature and potential increases in political salary and expenses are some of the factors signaling a tick to seek a host. Ticks can detect heat potential tax income or carbon dioxide respired from a nearby host.

Ticks generally drop off the host when they’ve been caught drinking and driving. But the best way for a host to get rid of the tick is during an election.

And we have a chance in a few months.

Some of the more common diseases that can be contracted from a tick bite include child trauma from driving ATVs, immigrant trauma from provincial nominee tick programs and general fatigue and loss of faith in the system.

Avoid ticks and protect your children from them.

Thank you A Confederacy of Dunces


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