Municipal salaries

Some interesting figures from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy with a chart giving the percentage of operating expenses devoted to salaries and benefits in various municipalities across the country.

• There is a wide variation in SBE: [Salary and Benefit Expense] The lowest SBE municipalities spend less than half of what the highest spend on SBE.
All the municipalities presented here have a very high SBE by international standards. In jurisdictions such as New Zealand and Australia, the sector average is below 30 per cent.
• There are two possible explanations for this international disparity. a) Canadian municipalities are responsible for additional labour-intensive activities such as policing and, particularly in Ontario, social services. b) The relatively lower use of external contractors and the performance-based staff payments mean higher labour costs.
[link to source– emphases ours]

If the proportion of the budget required for salaries and benefits is considered high, this is often highlighted in an auditor’s variance analysis. We notice that Halifax sits at 50%. We wonder where Wolfville would place on the chart.


One response to “Municipal salaries

  1. All salary increases or pay scales should be voted on by general election by the voters.
    take this out of the City Council hands which is more than a group of good Old boys. A newly elected Council person
    with high ideals about doing the right thing soon falls prey to those so called experienced Council members. he will cave in to the Political Club.
    You residents have seen this over and over. I hear your comments being expressed out here on the streets.
    Well stand up for your rights.
    You Citizens have so much power but must stay together in all sectors of the City. Now the City Council can by their power united can run this city such as the San Marco deal that was opposed by the residents but still rezoned. And yes someday your area may be next.
    Once again Citizens you must stand and challenge decisions you know are wrong.
    This City belongs to you not to special interests. Flood City Council with phone Calls and e-mails when you know in
    your heart things are not right.
    To remain silent on issues will someday be your problem not some one in another district