Next stop Wolfville

Riders from points east can expect better service from Kings Transit as of July 2 when route changes take effect.

Firstly, there will be no more long stop-overs at the Super Store in Windsor. Now drivers will take few moments break before moving on.

The new direct route from Brooklyn, through Ellershouse and Three Mile Plains will also cut down on ride time. West Hants Munciple Warden Richard Dauphninee lives in TMP and says that revision makes sense. “It’s just so much more streamlined. Before if I wanted to take the bus into town I would have had to ride the entire loop, now I can just catch the bus on it’s way back.”

As well, users will be able ride straight through to Wolfville. The bus will continue to stop at Just Us Coffee in Hantsport but Wolfville will be the new transfer point. Mullins said that will be much better for students and commuters, particularly during the winter months.

The new route will also include both industrial parks which Mullins said will help to attract and retain more businesses. Dauphinee said those additional stops will make a big difference for people seeking employment and those businesses looking to hire locally, “It opens the options for everyone.” [link to source]

AND service on Saturday will be extended to 5 pm.

These seem like reasonable and laudable changes which will increase the use of public transit and save people gas costs. It also makes it even more attractive and convenient for people to live outside of town, where it is cheaper, even if they work here.


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