Frank 535

It’s good til June 24th, this ish of Frank Magazine [Frank by Name, Frank by Nature] . Not much Valley news though unless you count a pic of Mark Parent fishing.

In the “Groves of Academe section” which mentions prominently St. F.X , SMU and Dalhousie, Acadia doesn’t rate a mention. Anyone who thinks Franklanders don’t have a heart take note. They are unlike the gang of Halifax teens; they are unwilling to kick when the victim is down.

Not that there isn’t much of general interest – A discussion of where Akerman’s portrait of Harry Flemming should go. King’s Coll. was suggested. We would think twice about that. Haven’t there been a number of paintings and prints on the walls go missing there?

There is a clip about Steve Murphy’s WTF moment on CTV In St. John which some of you may have heard. A reminder to everyone to clean up their language. You never know who might be listening.

There’s the sad and discouraging story of poor Mr. Basker in Invernesswho was attacked by neighbourhood hoodlums. No honour among thieves, they say. You may know your neighbours but do you know their sons?

Our favorite? The several pages devoted to Alexa’s departure. [Alexa and Hillary in the same month- what a blow to feminism!] Our favorite quote:

“As Premier Bob Rae of Ontario put it in a video tapes testimonial in 1994, upon Alexa’s rtetirement from the Nova Scotia Assembly after 14 years as provincial NDP leader. ‘Thank you, Alexa, for all your years of hard work taking the NS NDP from three seats … to three seats.'”

Who said that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior?

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