Acadia a movie set

How about that eh? Acadia, we are told, will be one of the NS locations for the film Amelia about Amelia Earhart and starring Richard Gere and Hilary Swank. [Do you think she will show up at the Coffee Merchant, Just Us Cafe? or Tim’s?] The small item in today’s Advertiser [no link that we could find] says that a cast and crew of 250 will begin to arrive Thursday and they hope that shooting here will “wrap” Monday.

“There is minimal disruption expected to the campus community Friday. However, campus and town will see a large number of transport trucks in the War Memorial Gymnasium parking lot and travelling along University Avenue for the shoot which is currently scheduled to take place in Convocation Hall Sunday June 22. The back half of the parking area will be secured from Thursday to Monday. Public Parking will still be available at the front portion of the lot. Access to the dyke fields will continue with additional parking available at the Festival Theatre parking lot.

That’s nice to know. However, we are warned that –

University Hall and the Fountain Learning Commons will be secured and closed to public and campus community Sunday, June 22 These dates are subject to change as the filming schedule may shift. Acadia University will advise campus and the community as it is notified of any changes.

They must think U Hall is appropriately dated. Earhart’s era was the 20’s and 30’s. Hopefully this will bring in a nice little haul-$$$- for the University.

There is another movie called Amelia. Do they know do you think?

Meanwhile- a related story.

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