How did it start? -updated

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Those aerial photos we saw yesterday in the paper tell the story don’t they. Firefighters did a remarkable job saving people’s properties. Kudos to them.

Brickbats to whoever, whether negligently or purposefully, set this fire raging.

This report on the fire raging near Halifax doesn’t ask the question everyone no doubt has on their minds. How did it start? Lightning? Arson? Some idiot burning trash in a high wind? A couch burning gone awry?

We can expect they might not know as yet but at least someone could ask the question. Some local might have a clue.

UPDATE: This later report says a bit more. They know where it started and describe it as a “raging brush fire”

FURTHER UPDATE: Another report-[have they read us?] now they are talking about where it started!!!

A raging fire that drove more than 5,000 thousand people from their homes east of Halifax may have started behind a elementary school in Porters Lake, Halifax RCMP says.

“We believe the fire possibly originated on the north side of Highway 7, which would be up around the O’Connell (Drive Elementary School) area, but right now that’s just an area we’re going with and we’ll continue our investigation from there,” Cpl. Joe Taplin told reporters Sunday afternoon.

He couldn’t say if investigators have any idea how the fire started, but did say it is not a camping area. [link to source]

They haven’t twigged yet, the press, that when they DON”T mention something we know that is of interest!

Then there is this –

Roberta Read, one of the residents who is permitted to return, was able to go to her house in the trailer park before the evacuation was lifted to get insulin for her husband, a diabetic but wasn’t permitted to get her two cats.

“They said if we grabbed anything else they would confiscate it, arrest us and put us in jail,” she said at lunchtime Sunday. “I miss my cats. They are my babies.”

Why couldn’t she bring out her cats? Crazy! She is there anyway to get her insulin- what idiocy. You know if it was us we would have taken our cats anyway- and our photo album- and said “Okay -confiscate them, arrrest us, put us in jail!” Can you imagine the story? Come on folks. Stand up for yourselves!!!!! Don’t let them herd you like cattle. This kind of submission to insane authority worries us.

Police have arrested a totally of four people, including one on Sunday morning, for sneaking past police barricades. Cpl. Taplin said police will determine later if charges will be laid.

Anyone who thinks we are very far from a police state should think again. It is one thing to advise people of danger. It is another to restrict them and arrest them.

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  1. Does anyone realize that the Police who are investigating this fire have absolutely no fire training or background in these types of incidents. Makes ya wonder?