As expected

The mother of Karissa has been charged with her murder.

Bridgewater Police Chief Brent Crowhurst said there are no other suspects wanted in connection with Boudreau’s death.

“Investigators feel confident that there is only one person responsible for this homicide,” he said. “We do not expect anyone else to be charged in this case.” [link]

Wonder why they waited so long? New evidence?

Mayor Carrol Publicover said news of Boudreau’s arrest would come as a relief to his town.

“As time went on, while police assured people it was an isolated incident . . . people started to wonder what the circumstances might have been,” he said. “The arrest today is hopefully the beginning of the end of this whole situation and people will eventually be able to bring closure to it.”

Don’t think we will have the same closure for our recent local murder.


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