Fireman fired – updated

Rumour has it that a fireman of long standing (like with 35 years of service in the department), also employed by the town, has been tossed out on his ear. There has to be a story behind this sudden departure. We could speculate but we would rather await further details. No doubt one of our sources will enlighten us in in due time. Has to be something fairly drastic you would think because anything less and the town will be paying up for a wrongful dismissal, which we think would not be the first time.


They are advertising the open position now on the Town website. Think it will be hard to get all these qualifications without paying more. Are we wrong?

FURTHER UPDATE: It seems this man lives north of Railtown and he, or his wife, or both have been very vocal in opposing the development. This wouldn’t have anything to do with his rather unusual dismissal … that would just be too vindictive.

5 responses to “Fireman fired – updated

  1. That wouldn’t surprise me if the Town did fire him on being vocal. Who wouldn’t be vocal about living that close to that big of a building.
    I am not from Wolfville, but I do know the respect this man has given to the Town. He has also been a apart of the fire dept. for 35+ years. Many of the towns people know him and his work. To me, that does not look good on the town to do that to one of it’s own hard working members. Let me ask you this members of the town council, DO YOU KNOW THE MEANING OF HARD WORK? I think not. You will have alot of towns folk angry and upset by this decesion…

  2. We hope he lawyers up. Sounds like his reputation is worth defending.

  3. Seems not everyone is upset by his firing as evidenced by the poster down at the post office that has been tagged “He Should Have Done His Job!”

  4. Yes, we just heard about that. Two sides to every story we suppose. Still seems very odd.

  5. I think he probably did a very good job considering the man was doing the job that was once held by three separate contracts … one man doing the job of three!