Baird coming to Wolfville

Obviously. It’s the centre of the environmentally sensitive world. He is apparently to meet the Atlantic premiers here Friday to talk about plans on the environmental front.

An Ontario-Quebec accord on climate change has yet to be officially unveiled, but Ottawa is already slamming it as nothing more than “smoke and mirrors.”

Premier Dalton McGuinty and Quebec Premier Jean Charest are to release their proposal for an inter-provincial carbon-trading market at a joint meeting of their cabinets here today.

Under this so-called cap-and-trade system, companies that produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their caps permit could sell their unused quota on an open market to big polluting firms that exceed their emissions cap. [link to source Toronto Star]

Because that has worked so well in Europe (NOT)

We don’t think the Toronto Star reporter had to use the word “slamming” but that’s the Red Star for ya. We could suggest they change their emotive language like CTV did recently on their website when they changed the word “sneers” to “dismisses” -but we would prefer if they remembered to use more neutral language.

Anyway- to get back to Baird. He did speak his mind.

“Jean Charest and Dalton McGuinty are the odd men out. This is a huge shell game by these guys. It’s all smoke and mirrors. What does their plan do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?” said Baird.

“The real embarrassment for Jean Charest and Dalton McGuinty is that (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper is getting tougher with corporate polluters than they are.”

Baird disclosed an exchange he had with Ontario Environment Minister John Gerretsen on March 11.

“He said our plan wasn’t tough enough, so I said `Let me see your plan’ and we can talk. I’m still waiting,” Baird said.

Gerretsen acknowledged Baird had called him at home that day, but insisted he had no recollection of the specifics of their conversation.

And Baird is going to try to talk reason to the Atlantic Premiers here in Wolfville.

The premiers criticized the federal government for not being tough enough in battling global warming, castigating the Conservatives for using 2006 emissions as the baseline and requiring industry to lower greenhouse gas output on a percentage basis instead of in real terms.

They prefer the 1990 baseline outlined in the Kyoto Protocol, and “real reduction” targets rather than just a lower intensity of emissions.

Baird countered by noting he’s working with British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell and Manitoba Premier Gary Doer, and that he will meet the four Atlantic environment ministers on Friday in Wolfville, N.S., to sell his vision.

But even Baird is talking about greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions. SO ridiculous. One day people will be laughing at our foolish belief in the “greenhouse effect” which is presented on supposedly scientific sites with the simplicity we were given in grade school analogous to those old models of the atom . The green house effect in a planetary setting cannot exist. Unfortunately a lot of harm is already being done in its name. It’s enough to make you cry.

But Baird is right about cap and trade. Some people call “cap and trade” “cap and spend“. It is smoke and mirrors and we hope Baird sticks to his guns (if you don’t mind that expression- it is not quite the same as sticking to your knitting!)


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