Property Guys rule

Well, perhaps not yet but they are certainly making inroads. We’ve seen quite a few Property Guys signs around town, even on the old Colville house, so people are using them. They must feel they offer a better option than the usual real estate agents, their new unusual (round) signs are a symbol of that difference.

You don’t have to give away your hard earned money to some Joe Schmo agent. You can sell your own home and keep your money in your own pocket.

With the large number of homes in Wolfville on the market (60+) perhaps the owners using Property Guys will have an edge. In highly taxed and highly assessed Wolfville it will be a hard enough sell, especially in harder times.


One response to “Property Guys rule

  1. Tom Hardey

    I agree with the title …. does rule! I saved over 12K in selling my house and it sold within 3 weeks!!!!