Good People

We hope you have read the letter which appeared in today’s Advertiser written by a lady from Cambridge in answer to an editorial in the Register [couldn’t find a link to this. Why?] . It sure made our day. Nice to see there is some sanity left in the valley.

After talking with and listening to family, friends and people in the community, I’d like to answer how some of the people are thinking.

In February, I attended a meeting held by the Valley Waste Management team regarding the new garbage/recycling laws coming into effect. The atmosphere was one of raw hostility because people are fed up with being force-fed by the ‘good people’ into doing such things as washing their garbage, sorting it and having to transport much of their garbage themselves now — even though we’re paying the same amount in taxes (or more) and the garbage company made a huge profit last year.

Not to mention the fact that the material in the newspaper recently to promote the new clear bag rules was purposefully deceptive as it carefully neglected to mention the fact that we are allowed one solid bag.

Drinking and driving? Certainly not something to condone, but most people think it’s ‘safe’ to drive after one or two drinks.

One would think the ‘good people’ would have banned liquor stores from being part of the whole family grocery shopping experience so that it’s not socially acceptable anymore, or at least make sure all product was hidden from the sight of consumers.

But the ‘good people’ obviously overlooked this because they were too busy having tobacco products hidden from view and having smoking banned in cars (even though many smoked while children grew in the womb). No one stops to consider that seniors’ homes have smokers, as do the Legions; yes, many smokers live to a ripe old age.

Pick your poison but we aren’t allowed to pick some poisons are we. We are being socially engineered and we don’t like it.

How are people thinking? Many of us ‘bad people’ are tired of the overinflated gas prices because we’re all aware that gas availability hasn’t changed. Gas prices are high for political reasons, personal gain for a few, and to try to make us more ‘green’ aware, even though the earth has been taking pretty darn good care of itself for the past however many millions of years.

People are being ‘guilted’ into all kinds of ludicrous things because the ‘good people’s doom and gloom view of the world has it ending tomorrow. It’s amazing how some people can have faith in a god you can’t see, but no faith in the earth you can touch and smell and stand on

We suspect actually that many of these “good people” are at best agnostics. What authority they use to divine one righteous action over another is hard to figure out. We suspect their commandments are determined by whatever issues their cultural gods are promoting at the moment- their humanist prophets recently are Suzuki and Gore.

Some people also think it was probably these same ‘good people’ who got rid of the train system which has led to many, many more trucks on our highways that has ruined our roads and given us much more pollution; that these are the ‘good people’ who will soon want wood or oil heating in homes banned because it harms the environment.

These are the ‘good people’ who think that warming up your car, or idling it is bad, but that driving with frosty windshields on a cold winter’s day when you can’t see anything is safe; and these are the people who think that holding a cell phone while driving is bad, but putting bicycles on the road for motor vehicles to swerve around and cause unsafe traffic conditions is good.

Because there is no consistent rationale or common sense to some of these restrictions they just seem crazy to ordinary folk, folk not carefully versed in the script of those writing the lines. The writer sums up this way.

How are people thinking? ‘Good people’ are big champions of the anti-bullying campaign, but have no idea what bullying actually means or includes. Pushing your ideals, morals and beliefs onto others, forcing assimilation on people, wiping out any sense of individuality and personal freedom is bullying at its finest.

Isn’t she right? So, kudos to Tanya from Cambridge. Hope you run for council somewhere.


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