New kid- uh business- on the block

Jane’s Again Boutique will be the latest addition to Wolfville’s businesses, located just up the street [or down the street] from Hatt and Kul. [Gonna do an article Patty?] According to the cute mini flyer/business cards they were passing out to passer-bys on Saturday Jane’s Again will offer affordable (recycled) women’s clothing and the owner is anxious to partner with (you) women who have “closets overflowing with fabulous brand name of designer clothing that you no longer need or want.” It hopes to open this Thursday.

As always we welcome this new addition to our local retail and commercial core and we wish them well. We heard, however, that not everyone in – or should we say around -Wolfville was very welcoming.

When children – agents of the shop – attempted to pass out the little flyers to customers of the Wolfville “Farmers” Market to let them know about a new business opening around the corner they were told in no uncertain terms that “solicitations were not welcome on Farm Market premises.” Whose premises? The crust! They occupy Town property and parking and get help with their advertising paid by the town taxpayers and then won’t let taxpayers in the town distribute information about their business. Guess they don’t like competition, huh? We can imagine the good will fostered by THAT little episode. Have a feeling we haven’t heard the end of this.

Anyone wishing to offer support and warmer good wishes can contact them at


3 responses to “New kid- uh business- on the block

  1. You have not heard the last of this. Who do they think they are? Farmers, I will be getting my produce and cat food at the local Save-Easy

  2. Judging from the town budget, it seems that Council subsidizes some businesses while over-taxing others. This is a formula for resentment and disaster. It would be better if Council eliminated half it’s bureaucracy so ALL the businesses and citizens of Wolfville could prosper. Good luck!

  3. It WOULD be nice to have a council which tried to be fair and not favour some groups over others, groups that fit their ideological, preferred profile. A Town Council, in our very humble view, should be there to negotiate consensus or at least acceptable solutions between the diverse interests in the Town, to the general satisfaction of all or most residents. The result would be not one side, or one special interest, winning over the rest but would result in compromises on contentious issues which all residents could live with. Is that too idealistic? We don’t think so. It does take a certain mind set and some hard thinking and work to come up with creative solutions to problems, without a prior dedication to one particular outcome which it seems to us in the present administration to be politically determined. It would mean not just talking about tolerance and diversity but expressing it in action. The sad thing is that many on this Council are not even aware of their ideological biases.