Wolfville in Frank 533

WOLFVILLE ZONES OUT is the headline of a quarter page in Frankland’s latest offering. The item (by Bo-Ring) reports on Council’s rezoning attempt and the residents resistance to the idea of eliminating the R1 zone and folding it into the R-1A zone.

Many feel the proposed rezoning makes it financially attractive for developers to convert old homes into student slum housing, or to demolish grand old houses to erect a student ghetto. A change to R-1A is going to impact property values, opponents argue.

While at least one rezzie I spoke with feels that the debate ‘is a bunch of yuppies whining and complaining’ a 200 plus strong ratepayers group has banded together to fight the rezoning. With it’s 3,600 population, sans students, the issue will be pivotal in deciding the next town council. Mayor Bob Stead is not reoffering, but looking for voters to focus their wrath on Deputy mayor Bob Wrye, who is angling for a run at the top seat.

Wonder how the residents of the town who have protested (including many who live in the R-1A zone) will feel about being called “yuppies” but since the person quoted remains anonymous he or she will live to be quoted another day.

The Frankland grunt goes on to say that Heather Dennis, whose now defunct store was at the east end of Main street, might have benefited from the rezoning but we can’t see the logic in this as this part of Main St. is already zoned R-1A as far as we can tell from the zoning map.

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