Atlantica Party meeting

There will be an Atlantica Party meeting tomorrow in Bedford. If you check it out could you report to us what you thought of the presentation? Unfortunately we are tied up tomorrow night.

Find out about the Party. Become a member. Everyone welcome. Spread the news.

May 14 Wednesday 7pm Bedford Public Library, 15 Dartmouth Road, Bedford NS [link to source]

Update: Strangely, or perhaps in response to our post, we just got a message via e-mail and facebook from the Atlantica Party. Passing it on as follows in case some of our readers are interested:

The Atlantica Party
A party dedicated to real progress and political evolution for all Atlantic Canadians.

Democratic Reform. Fair Elections. Atlantic Rights. A debate on Atlantic Union.
Real Change for Atlantic Canadians


1. Congratulations to our new party members!!! We are all in this together now!
You can apply to join the party through the website, all you need is a debit card/credit card/ or a paypal account. It’s secure, it’s easy, it’s fast, and the best part it’s only $10!

2. The Party is forming local riding groups in Nova Scotia. If you are interested in helping us to organize a public meeting, pamphleteer your area, encourage folks to engage in the democratic process, collect signatures in your riding, and/or start a search for a riding candidate for the next election please contact us.

3. On May 20th, 2008 at 7 PM the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Administration presents:

A free talk by Preston Manning on *”Re-engaging Canadians in Democracy”*

The talk will take place at the McNally auditorium at St. Mary’s University, Halifax NS (if you need directions please contact us).

Mr. Manning’s Center for Building Democracy ( promotes many of the ideals of the Atlantica Party . This will be an excellent opportunity to come out and ask questions about citizen engagement, political reform, democracy and electoral reform. We hope to see you there!

4. You can now reach us many different ways,
YouTube: Channel atlanticaparty
Facebook: Group Atlantica Party
mySpace: Group atlanticaparty
Box 380, 1096 Queen Street
Halifax, NS
B3H 2R9

Talk to us.

5. We are redesigning the web site to make it even better. We also plan to add a debate forum so practice your debating skills!

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