If it’s not the crusades, it’s the cartoons -update

Here is more comment on the case of the NS Human Rights Commission vs the Chronicle Herald and Bruce MacKinnon.

Perhaps the moment has now arrived where the naysayers will remove the blinders — be they partisan or merely of convenience. Perhaps this is the point at which we will look back and wonder how we let it get this far.

Award-winning editorial cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon and his employer, the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, are as mainstream as Canadian journalism can get. They are now the subject of a complaint filed with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. Make no mistake, we are indeed crossing the Rubicon here. …

Now that he’s going to be investigated by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, what sort of a chill will that put on editorial cartoonists across this country? Or on the newspapers themselves? …

No doubt the Chronicle-Herald will fight this case. The newspaper may even win, but at what cost? As they say, the process is as much the punishment as anything.

But imagine if the ruling goes against the newspaper (not exactly a stretch). That would be tantamount to a de facto state veto over the editorial content of a major, mainstream Canadian newspaper. Let that sink in for a moment and contemplate how truly frightening that is.

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and for bonus points – this


That’s a quote ripped off from a Mark Steyn piece but we don’t think he’ll mind since he got it from someone else himself.

Our Chronicle Herald cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon has made the national news.

The paper is under fire for publishing this cartoon.

The police are asked to investigate! The police, can you believe it? – And of course the NS Human Rights Commission. The complainant is Zia Khan, director of the Centre for Islamic Development in Halifax who, on the surface anyway, seems like a reasonable person who should appreciate the right to free speech – He is able to share his views all over the world it appears.

For those of us who have been following the attacks on free speech being fought by Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn this kind of over sensitivity is depressingly familiar.

You might want to let the HRC know how you feel about this case. hrcinquiries@gov.ns.ca


2 responses to “If it’s not the crusades, it’s the cartoons -update

  1. How many cartons have been done of the RC’s. Was there any reaction, none that I can remember. BUT the difference is that we are not dealing with RC’s These people will go the HRC, expect an apology.
    OUR freedom of speech is more important than their laws. …Look at Britain, France, Denmark, Holland, etc etc

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