Wolfville budget slashed

Not shaved, not cut, but slashed! It just goes to show you what can be done by council if they really set their mind to it. But- say we- too little, too late. Yes, there is an election this year so it is a good year to cut but what about last year, and the year before that, and the years before that? And what about next year? No, we are not gong to fall for it.

We are happy the Town reduced the rate from 1.49 to 1.44 then again last night to 1.41 because that shows what should have been happening almost every year with the burgeoning assessments Wolfville has experienced in the past decade. The rate should come down many points just to stay even. Even with this drop in rate the Town is still taking in about 6% more this year than last in revenue so don’t feel sorry for them.

Where did they cut? Everywhere because almost every item was fat. Money, our money, was hidden, tucked away in little corners, in ill described line items in both reserves, capital and operating budgets so it wasn’t hard for the CAO to reduce once he knew council was serious.

Townspeople shouldn’t have to come out in droves every year with the equivalent of pitchforks and post rails to ensure councillors fulfill their duties. Otherwise why would we need councillors at all? No one forced them to run for the position. They are given this job to do for us. Instead we, the taxpayers, have had to give them the courage to do what they should have been doing all along. The lady who said she was embarrassed for council was being charitable.

It appears that at least one member of council will not be standing again. He is setting a good example.

Mr. Stead said that with all the planning and budget issues on the agenda, it may be a new council that deals with the annexation request, following municipal elections in October.

He is not planning on reoffering for another term. [link to source]


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