Ratepayers cat among Town pigeons

The cat has been set among the pigeons now and the administration has only itself to “blame”. They must have known the plan to scrap the R1 zone would get many residents up in arms. What they probably didn’t expect was that the controversy would spawn yet another interest group with aims, it seems, beyond just saving R1. This group which calls itself the Wolfville ratepayers group, a bland enough moniker, has sent round a number of missives via a list serve. One of our Baker Street Boys has fed us some copies so we are now officially subscribers.

They have been very active – So far in the past day or so we have had an invitation to the group, a signed letter on the r1 issue, a request to attend the Wednesday budget meeting and some figures cherry picked from the draft budget. They seem as steamed about the increases as we are. Here are some of their long list of questionable items which they have taken from a more detailed version of the draft budget which they have snaffled from someone.

General Government and Administration expenditure is budgeted up 8.06 % from last year’s figures.

“Council Conference” – $25,000

“Computer Exp” – $53,361

“Staff Conference” – $28,000 …

Pesticide Task Force – $5,000

Advertising $ 5,500

“Promotional materials” -$5,000

“Employee Wellness Initiative” -$12,000

“Contingency” -$26,919

Planning IT services – $12,705.··

“Partners in Climate Protections” $20,000

Staff travel and training -$10,000 …

“Wolfville Sustainability” $10,000

“Office computers” -$12,705

Farmers Market -$10,000!

Fiber Optic partnership -$5,000 …

Advertising -$18,000

Marketing and Promotion -$5,000

Office computer -$12,705

Acadia Cinema Grant -$20,000

“Acadia University Field (1st of 4)” -$15,000

“Grants to groups” – $25,000

Festival and Events Grants – $20,000

Public Art Grant – $5,000

But they have a lot more on their list…

Not very clear who started this group; rumour has it includes a couple of disaffected councillors. In any case at the bottom of their missives is the intriguing invitation

Wolfville Ratepayers Group

Subscription: e-mail wolfville@live.ca

Are you a Town of Wolfville ratepayer? Join the 700 Club and take back our town!

700 club? A mystery worthy of Agatha Christie. Cat among the Pigeons indeed.

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