2008-2009 Wolfville draft Budget

Have you seen it? Better sit down. They – you know who we mean- plan to raise the residential tax rate (mil rate) 5 points. That’s correct. From 1.44 to 1.49. This is on top of what they are taking out of assessment increases ( which they don’t have to take but love to tap off while blaming the assessment office) for a whopping increase of 13.6 %. We remind you that this is on top of all the increases they have taken in previous years to support this increasingly top heavy administration.

Take a look at town expenditures in the past decade. It’s like a ski slope! The difference between tax revenue and total expenditure is made up by revenue from services or transfers and grants from other government levels (such as the grant in lieu of taxes from the province for the University) but the point is the town costs US way too much to run. This is a small town but this administration, encouraged by this Council, has big time spenders.

Wasteful Wolfville

The budget is in draft now. Don’t get completely distracted by the R1 issue. The R1 meeting is Tuesday, the Budget meeting is Wednesday. Smoke and mirrors. While we are looking the other way they will rob us again.


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