Blogging Frank 531

Usually we wait a week before giving you a peek into the F word’s bi monthly offering but this time we decided we’d give our readers a prompt preview of issue 531 [good til April 29] . It is a good issue for Valley stories this time, or at least stories of interest to Valley residents.

We were excited by the headline on page 13 “Fighting W’ville City Hall” . Aha we thought, a report in inimitable Frankland style on the large contingent of Town Residents who are literally up in arms about the rezoning and possible elimination of R1. But no, alas the W’ville was Westville, and only reported on the scant hearing two residents got regarding a property dispute brought before Westville’s Town Council. [Happens everywhere it seems, bylaws not enforced] But it isn’t too late. Perhaps someone can clue Billy Bob in on the insurrection brewing here. Perhaps Frank will even send one of its grunts to the meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 22 at Horton High School where 1000 people are expected to turn out to applaud anyone who speaks to protest increased density proposals.

On p.20 there is a rundown on the court appearance and discharge of a poor, widowed ex Lower Wolfville resident. You know, the one whose wife went missing and then was found murdered on his father’s property and who was investigated by the police but not charged ? That one. We knew that he was charged with smashing some ex buddy Butch’s windshield. Frank gives us some details of the proceedings and his defence. He claimed it was an accident. He slipped, he said, and collided with the man’s van and “inadvertently hit the windshield with the heavy metal attachment connected to his wallet.” Yes, really! While the judge didn’t buy this story he nevertheless let the poor guy off easy so that he wouldn’t have a record going into the States. That was so kind of him – or perhaps the judge was thinking, better to have him in the US than here in NS? The Frank report is much more colourful than the one that we saw in the CH last Friday and repeats some of the names Butch called Kevin and also has info about unemployed Kevin’s plans for the future.

On p. 2 there is a story highlighting the idiocy of the Tobacco Control Act which unfortunately applies everywhere in the province, including the Valley. We all know that the evil sticks have to be hidden from the eyes of soft minded children but also – ” A vendor or an employee shall not open the concealing device to show what is available to the public. … Once a consumer has indicated to a vendor or an employee an intention to purchase tobacco or tobacco products, they may view and examine only the specific number of units of the requested products before purchasing. These two clauses are not easily understood it seems by some poor employees as Frank reports.

With such nit-picky rules in place it is no wonder a convenience store clerk looked terrified recently when I asked him what sort of cigars were available. ‘We can’t tell you’ came the answer. ‘The new rules, it’s illegal.'”

Well, not exactly. Apparently they are allowed to tell a customer what brands they carry. They just can’t show you what they have. Not spelled out very well if the vendors and employees can’t understand what is expected of them and crazy of course in the first place. We should be more worried about the marketing of illegal products not legal ones.

In the Radio Daze section there’s an item on the new New Minas radio station 89.3 FM’s hiring of Dave Chaulk who is also Village Commission Chairman [How can mayor Stead top that for promotion and media manipulation potential?]. Apparently there is some talk about a conflict of interest. Not surprised, but this complaint has been voiced – and ignored – for years since Dave had been with AVR for eons . Perhaps it is about time someone did something about it. At the bottom of the same page there is also a bit about other “defections” from AVR/Magic 94.9 to the new newsguys on the block. In contrast there’s a paeon of praise for the new community radio station out of Glace Bay ( p. 11) ” The New Coast 89.7 is what radio used to be and what radio should be…professionally run and professional sounding….community radio stations are clearly the wave of the future.” You really should read the rest . It makes us want to tune in to the station especially Sunday morning 7 am – 9am.

There is a whole page on New Glasgow’s new flourish “brand” and logo which cost their taxpayers $25,000. How long can it be before Wolfville suggests a similar waste of money. It sounds like their commercial sector is dying also; “I’m on the front street every day. I couldn’t tell you when I’ve seen people coming out of stores with bags.” Don’t think a sun with a lion and a flourish will do it. How about some real, effective policy instead of just showmanship, and not very original showmanship at that?

There’s a bit that will sound very familiar to many seniors in Town on the frustration one meets when attempting to get through to the NS Senior Pharmacare Program to enquire about the additional 10$ premium. Busy, busy, busy and to bring your blood pressure down, only the voice and message to “be patient” of Chris d’Entemont (former radio announcer now highly paid Health Minister- there it is mixing media and politics again- no wonder the media is so biased!)

For those struggling with tax forms there’s a warning about the 2008 tax software. There’s a whole page on Taz record store with more on the sad tale of Bob Switzer who committed suicide 3 years ago, and several pages on shock jock Karin Begin aka Darian O’Toole who died March 3, and much much more, including several interesting letters like the one on the Ecology Action Centre “bust-up”. As we said, it’s a good issue.

We can hardly wait for Atlantic Frank’s website– But then will we still have blog fodder for our blogging Frank posts?


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