Atlantic Mayors Congress

In case you are wondering where some of the Province’s bigwigs have been this past weekend – here is the answer. They have been in Halifax at the Atlantic Mayors Congress.

Over the weekend, 18 mayors from New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island met at Halifax city hall to discuss topics like banning handguns, waste-water standards and increasing border security.

Notice that Deputy mayor Bob Wrye is NS Towns Caucus Chair.

[Why do we get the impression the Wolfville tail is attempting to wag the Provincial dog?]

Upshot? They’ll go for waste water standards if the feds pay for it. A nod to border concerns. They want to ban hand guns, of course. But we tend to agree with this commenter_

Hunter wrote:
Banning handguns will accomplish nothing. Take the money and effort from this silliness and add it to the effort to curb smuggling. The insurance industry will tell you that very few handguns are stolen. Handguns have been resticted and have had to be registered, and require transport permits to legally shoot them at target ranges. All this draconion measure will accomplish is to punish the law abiding handgun owner. …

We don’t think a handgun ban would have prevented the murder around here which goes unsolved to this day.

The Congress will meet again in the fall in Fredericton. We wonder whether that will be before or after the municipal elections.

We noticed this accounting for Peter Kelly. Could we have one for Wolfville please?


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